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3 Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Re-Create This Season

3 Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Re-Create This Season

While we all love a good scary Halloween costume every October 31st, why not use your gorgeous lash extensions to your advantage and create an awesome Halloween makeup look this season?! We’ve picked three of our favorite looks that you can easily recreate at home this season without breaking the bank – or breaking out those annoying false lashes. Which one is your favorite?!

Scary Cute Scarecrow

An easy costume to recreate with just a few makeup products and an outfit that you likely have in your closet already! While the model in this photo may be wearing false lashes, a full set of LashedUp lash extensions will give you a very similar look!

Adorable Deer

Sure to be another crowd favorite, recreate this snapchat-filter worthy look at home with an eye shadow palette similar to Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette, and a full set of LashedUp extensions. Grab some twigs from the backyard to tie onto a headband, and you’re good to go! You’re sure to stop a few their tracks with this adorable Halloween looks.

Secret Garden Fairy

Another snapchat filter-esque look that – this Secret Garden Fairy is a fun look you can do to highlight those lash extensions this Halloween. While the facial jewels aren’t’ required to create this look, if you want to take your makeup and flower crown to the next level, you can grab some adhesive gems from your local craft store for just under $5 – you’ll be sure to be glowing all night long!

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