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Differences Between Eyelash Extensions and False Eyelashes
Eyelash Extensions

Differences Between Eyelash Extensions and False Eyelashes

eyelash extensionsAre you looking to up your lash game this season? Do you wish you were born with the fluttery eyelashes of a goddess? Well, if you answered “no” to those questions, clearly you’re still reading, so you may want to rethink that answer!

If you are planning to extend those lashes for a wedding, a party, or to pull of that look that you haven’t tried yet, you have two options: Extensions and Falsies. Both options work well, but it depends on the look you want, the prices, and when/how often you want longer lashes. If you are wondering what the differences are or what kind is ideal for you, Lashed Up is here to help with some answers.

  1. What are the differences in material between the two types of lashes?

False eyelashes are made from artificial materials of a lower quality which tend to be bolder and heavier than extensions. Most of the time, you will know you’re wearing falsies and so will others; but it’s a look, and it’s not a bad one, if that’s what you’re going for! On the other hand, eyelash extensions are usually made from synthetic polyester and other high-quality materials that make for a lighter and flutterier appearance and feel. Extensions have a more natural appearance because they are applied onto your existing eyelashes

  1. How often do eyelash extensions and false eyelashes need to be refilled?

False eyelashes are easy to apply yourself, which is handy because they require applying every day. Leaving falsies on for longer could subject you to eye irritation and infection. Eyelash extensions, however, should to be refilled every two-to-three weeks by a professional. They last longer than false lashes and have a more natural appearance. So if you want to get rid of false eyelashes, all you have to do is take them off. For extensions, if you are not maintaining them you can certainly get them removed, just make sure the professionals do it.

  1. How do I apply extensions and falsies?

If you are looking for a quick and easy application false eyelashes are the way to go. All you have to do is apply the adhesive directly above your eyelashes and stick the false lashes on. You can take them off with little effort and try again immediately. After a little practice, however, that won’t be an issue at all. Applying eyelash extensions is a more involved process, and it must be done by professionals. At Lashed Up, we apply each extension directly on individual eyelashes; the process takes one to two hours, but your lashes will thank you afterwards! They will eventually fall out and need refilling, but not as immediately as false lashes.

  1. Which option is more cost-effective?

In the short term, false eyelashes are less expensive than extensions, but because they need to be refilled daily, consistently purchasing them will quickly rack up your credit card bill. Since eyelash extensions need only to be refilled two-to-three weeks, the long-term cost is well worth it. Obviously, your look is your own and so is your credit card, but the most cost effective option is definitely extensions.

We at Lashed Up hope that the information was helpful to you, and we look forward to your next visit!

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5 tips for keeping your eyelash extensions in tip top shape after application:

5 tips for keeping your eyelash extensions in tip top shape after application:

Avoid getting your eyelashes wet after application – The adhesive used for your lash extensions need a full 24 hours to set. We recommend avoiding excessive heat and water for at least 48 hours following your application. Once you are able to get your lashes wet, make sure you brush through them after washing your face or getting out of the shower so they can keep their shape.

Avoid the use of oil-based products – Oil can degrade the adhesive and shorten the life of your lash extensions, so it’s important to be conscious of the ingredients listed on any eye creams, makeup removers, shadows, etc. that you are using in your daily makeup routine

Avoid using waterproof mascara – If it’s your preference to continue to use mascara after application, avoid using waterproof mascara products. Additionally, try to apply the product to only the tips of your lashes, as the formula could react negatively with the adhesive at the base of your lash line.

Don’t pull at your eyelash extensions – If you chose not to maintain lashes with regular refills every 2-3 weeks, your lashes should last about 4-6 weeks. As you approach the end of their run, you may begin to notice some more lash fallout than usual. If this happens, resist the urge to pull at the remaining extensions, as you do not want to damage your natural lashes. If this becomes uncomfortable, we urge you to set up an appointment for removal as soon as possible so you are not left feeling uncomfortable with the fallout.

Avoid rubbing your eyes – After showering, washing your face or working out, instead of rubbing your face/eyes with a towel, blot the area instead to avoid any lash fallout

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3 Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Re-Create This Season

3 Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Re-Create This Season

While we all love a good scary Halloween costume every October 31st, why not use your gorgeous lash extensions to your advantage and create an awesome Halloween makeup look this season?! We’ve picked three of our favorite looks that you can easily recreate at home this season without breaking the bank – or breaking out those annoying false lashes. Which one is your favorite?!

Scary Cute Scarecrow

An easy costume to recreate with just a few makeup products and an outfit that you likely have in your closet already! While the model in this photo may be wearing false lashes, a full set of LashedUp lash extensions will give you a very similar look!

Adorable Deer

Sure to be another crowd favorite, recreate this snapchat-filter worthy look at home with an eye shadow palette similar to Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette, and a full set of LashedUp extensions. Grab some twigs from the backyard to tie onto a headband, and you’re good to go! You’re sure to stop a few their tracks with this adorable Halloween looks.

Secret Garden Fairy

Another snapchat filter-esque look that – this Secret Garden Fairy is a fun look you can do to highlight those lash extensions this Halloween. While the facial jewels aren’t’ required to create this look, if you want to take your makeup and flower crown to the next level, you can grab some adhesive gems from your local craft store for just under $5 – you’ll be sure to be glowing all night long!

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