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Eyelash Extensions in Collegeville & Trappe, PA

Tired of buying mascaras that promise longer lashes, but don’t really work? Looking for longer, more voluminous lashes? Live in or around the Collegeville area? Look no further! Lashed Up in Collegeville has just the solution for you. Lashed Up offers eyelash extensions that will make you feel confident and beautiful, and no longer wasting money on different mascaras. The qualified staff at this salon use individual false lashes, which are connected directly to the real eyelash, making the lash extension look real! Clients may choose between regular volume lashes, or our Xtreme lashes, which vary in thickness. Visit Lashed Up in Collegeville today for your eyelash extensions and Xtreme lash extensions.

Microblading in Trappe

After getting your new eyelash extensions in the Collegeville & Trappe area, you can get your Microblading needs taken care of. Microblading is a process used to fill in and shape your eyebrows. This process is semi-permanent and will last roughly 12-18 months. Call Lashed Up in Trappe to get Microblading done today! Ask about our face waxing services as well! Trappe isn’t the only place you can get your Microblading needs met!

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