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Eyelash Extensions in Limerick

Do you live in Limerick? Do you wish you had longer, thicker, fuller, lashes? Are you jealous of girls who have long, beautiful lashes? You can have them too! Lashed Up in Limerick can provide you with eyelash extensions that will give you just the eyelashes you’ve been looking for. Our eyelash extensions are adhered individually to your individual lashes, give you real-looking lashes. Our eyelash extensions are offered in regular volume extensions and Xtreme lash extensions. Eyelash extensions typically last for up to three weeks, and both regular volume lashes and Xtreme lashes can be refilled as you see fit. You’ll never have to deal with short, thin lashes again!

Microblading in Limerick

If you’re impressed with our eyelash extensions, you’ll be so excited about our Microblading services. Lashed Up in Limerick will Microblade your brows to make them everything you’ve wanted them to be.  Microblading is a process that is used to fill out eyebrows to give them a fuller, more desired look. You’ll no longer have to worry about plucking them to shape them, and filling them out with makeup will be a thing of the past. Microblading is a semi-permanent process and will last roughly 12-18 months. Call Lashed Up in Limerick to get your eyelash extensions and microblading done! Ask us about our eyebrow waxing services!

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