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Eyelash Extensions in Phoenixville & Oaks, PA

Eyelash Extensions Salon in Phoenixville & Oaks, PA

If you’re looking for a place to go to make you feel beautiful, confident, and to make your day to day life easier, Lashed Up Salon in Phoenixville and Oaks, PA is just the place you are looking for. Lashed Up offers eyelash extensions and Microblading services that will make you look and feel great, and no longer have to worry about mascara and filling in your eyebrows as part of your daily routine. The eyelash extensions used by Lashed Up are individual false lashes, and are glued directly onto your real lash, making the lashes look real and last longer. Your new voluminous lashes will last as long as three weeks. Clients can choose our Xtreme lashes. After your first appointment, we offer eyelash extension refills.

Microblading in Oaks & Phoenixville, PA

Along with getting your eyelash extensions, Lashed Up in Phoenixville and Oaks, PA can also meet your Microblading needs. Microblading is used to fill in your eyebrows and shape them to be identical to one another and look exactly how you want them to. It is semi-permanent. Lasting roughly 12-18 months. Get your Microblading and eyelash extensions using our Xtreme lashes at Lashed Up in Phoenixville and Oaks, PA today! Also, check out our eyebrow waxing services!

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