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Eyelash Extensions in Pottstown

Do you live in the Pottstown area? Are you looking for a fun way to feel more confident? How about a way to make daily life more convenient? If this sounds like you, then you should visit Lashed Up in Pottstown to get your new set of eyelash extensions and Microblading. They eyelash extensions used at Lashed Up are individual and are glued to your real lashes to give them a realistic look and feel. Eyelash extension sets last up to three weeks, and clients can choose between regular volume lashes and our Xtreme lashes, which are thicker. Both the regular volume lashes and Xtreme lashes can be refilled when you see fit.

Microblading in Pottstown

If you are excited about our eyelash extensions, you will love all that Lashed Up in Pottstown’s Microblading services have to offer. Microblading is a process used to fill in existing eyebrows, making them fuller and shaped to your liking. This process eliminates the need to fill in your eyebrows when you do your makeup, making your routine easier and more convenient, and your eyebrows always looking exactly the way you want them to. The results are semi-permanent and last roughly 12-18 months. Make your appointment at Lashed Up in Pottstown today for your new eyelash extensions and Microblading. Don’t forget to ask about our waxing services!

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