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Micro Blading: A Face Tattoo You’ll Actually Want to Get

Micro Blading: A Face Tattoo You’ll Actually Want to Get

Face tattoos are often considered a big no no, especially in the job market. People are usually uncomfortable interacting with people who have a spider web tattooed on their cheek or a curse word over their eyebrow. Hey, some people can pull it off, but it’s definitely not a look for everyone. Aside from the fact that it’s not pictures or expletives, microblading is the exception to that rule. Microblading is a service used to fill out and shape eyebrows using a technique that is similar to tattooing. one of the only real differences between microblading and a normal tattoo is that the tool used for Microblading uses a much thinner needle, so the line it draws is thinner, and much more closely resembles a natural brow hair. The hair strokes are drawn in the spot where your eyebrow is creating a fuller, shapelier brow. The other difference is that the tool used for microblading does not pierce as deeply into the skin as a normal tattoo gun does, so the results are not as permanent as a tattoo drawn from a normal tattoo gun. Microblading usually lasts for roughly 12-18 months. That means not having to fill in your eyebrows every morning for over a year, which sounds pretty great if you ask me. If making your life easier and getting some Microblading done sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact Lashed Up today to get some more information and to book your appointment!

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